Vintage Heart To Heart Charm Ring 925 Sterling Silver P (8)


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Sterling Silver


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  • Pretty heart charm ring
  • Circle of hearts
  • Sterling Silver
  • Shipped from the UK

What to Expect

  • Pure 100% silver is very soft Easily re-shaped and damaged so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable jewelry
  • Silver plated jewlery is bright silver in tone and gives a high shine finish
  • Scratches on silver plated jewelry are less noticeable as the underlying metal will be close in colour
  • Silver plated jewelry may tarnish and oxidise will require polishing to restore the shine
  • The copper and nickel content of the metal may stain skin if not cleaned correctly or allowed to become damp

How to care for your ring

  • Silver plating can be cleaned by most suitable jewlery cleaners
  • For best results avoid wearing the charm when cleaning, bathing or using chemicals
  • Remove the ring when sleeping
  • Avoid damage to the plating
  • Beware of metal allergies


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